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Since curly hair is not easy to manage my advice is stick with something that is practical, stylish and compliments your features. Then I will show you what hair products to use and how to use them. This will ensure that your curls are easy to manage and look fabulous as they can each and every day. Just like Bumble & Bumble says, “No two curls are created equal.”

“I have been styling curls all my life, I have curly hair myself. I also know that only a handful of hairstylists know how to achieve best results while working with curly hair.

Let me show you how beautiful and stylish your curls can be,
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Let’s talk, figure out what hairstyle will compliment you most and get it done. I am positive you are going to like the results.”

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How We Style Curly Hair

Are you wearing curly hair in San Diego? Some people want to straighten their hair; some people want to enhance their natural curly looks. Whatever the goals are we can make them happen – we have what it takes to professionally style your curls.
Although natural beauty of curls is undisputed and complementary in most cases, it also could be quite a heavy task to manage those unruly curls and sometimes mother’s advice just won’t do because curly hair could be capricious and may require special care.
The main thing is making your curls to obey. There are a few ways to achieve that but it all starts with taking a close look at your hair type and condition. Once we know what your hair look like and what you want them to look like we can get to work and make you a happy client.


Deva Curl – Styling and Products

Due to the popular demand, we offer new and highly effective curly hair styling and care system Deva Curl. Nancy is a certified by Deva Curl hairstylist and is happy to offer her clients this wonderful hairstyling option.
What makes Deva Curl so special? A unique approach to curly hair styling with combination of well-balanced effective products allows women with curly hair to beautify their curls and make it easy to manage.


curly hair styles from Bumble and bumble

Some of the cool curly hairstyles.

Given the fact that in San Diego we spend more time outdoors, curly hair are effected also by the sun and ocean water which results in additional hair damage.

Curly Hair Tips
For San Diegans

1 Ok, let’s talk about the basics of curly hair management. It is better to wash and condition hair in the morning. At night, while you are sleeping curly hair have tendency to go flat.

2 To maintain natural oils and keep hair healthy, try avoiding washing your hair more than twice a week.

3 Avoid excessive heat, especially when using a hair dryer, set it on coolest setting or use a diffusing attachment. If you decided to straighten your hair, find a curly hair stylist who can get it done avoiding damage to your hair.

4 Sometimes you may notice that your hair is going flat, in this case use a professional curling conditioner. We have many of wonderful products designed specifically for curly hair care and styling. Choose the best curly hair conditioner or cream specifically developed for curly hair. In fact, because we specialize in making your curls look beautiful and feel healthy we have one of the best selections of curly hair products.

5 Avoid using curly hair products that may leave too much build up, especially products with silicon compounds. We avoid using products that could result in hair damage and only apply them if our clients insist on a particular product of their choice.

6 To gain more hair body on the top of your head, experiment with some clips while your hair is damp. Dry your hair with clips on. You will notice more volume after your hair has dried.

7 Visit your stylist at least four times per year to trim split ends and reshape your hair. In San Diego curly hair may require additional maintenance since most of us enjoy the sun and spend more time outdoors.

8 Ask your hairstylist to choose the hairstyle which is easy to maintain. Use a hairstylist who specializes in curly hair, and yes we know curls.

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